The urgent need for real national security

January 25, 2016 Sheila Blackford

Jeremi Suri, author of “It’s not just the economy, stupid,” in Issue 2: The Dangerous First Year, has an article at War on the Rocks titled, “The Urgent Need for Real National Security.” Suri and his coauthor, James Goldgeier, write about the importance of strategic planning and how it relates to a president’s first year in office: 

“The place to start, even during the presidential campaign, is to return to the basics of strategic planning. The next occupant of the White House must possess the intellectual ingredients to formulate a national security strategy that makes sense of a very complex international system—defining threats, opportunities, and American national interests. A new strategy will need to align America’s considerable resources with a clear set of goals, defining specific policies to achieve those goals. Most of all, the next president will have to imagine a new global role for the United States that offers a compelling narrative for diverse actors within America and abroad. Our citizens, allies, and adversaries need consistency and predictability to calibrate their behaviors around our strategic purposes."

Read the full article at War on the Rocks