Volume 3

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The critical first budget

Paying for the next president’s promises without breaking the bank

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Briefing Room

Coming around to a carbon tax

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Two former Republican secretaries of state recommend a carbon tax

February 08, 2017 Howard Witt

Debate promises: Medicare (1960)

alexmillos / Shutterstock.com

Looking back at Medicare legislation as a debate promise made by John Kennedy

October 11, 2016 Bryan Craig

Debate promises: health care reform (1992)

Our look at past debate promises starts with health care

October 04, 2016 Bryan Craig

Promises and price tags: A fiscal guide to the 2016 election

The impact of the fiscal policies proposed by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

June 27, 2016 Maya MacGuineas, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Deficit reduction in Bill Clinton’s first budget

Listen as Alice Rivlin remembers the budget debates of President Clinton's first year

April 28, 2016 Thomas van der Voort

What a drag: inequality and the economy

durantelallera / Shutterstock.com

Derek S. Hoff argues that the next president should emphasize the macroeconomic benefits of reducing inequality

April 27, 2016 Derek S. Hoff

Treating America’s Fiscal Myopia

Coprid / Shutterstock.com

Ajay K. Mehrotra argues that the next president should more clearly connect tax and spending policies

April 20, 2016 Ajay K. Mehrotra

FDR’s first fireside chat: the banking crisis

The first of FDR's 30 fireside chats addressed the banking crisis in a uniquely personal way

April 12, 2016 Bryan Craig

Facing fiscal realities—for real

Photo by Tom Cogill

Fiscal experts at First Year forum urge frank talk about deficits

April 06, 2016 Howard Witt

Restoring fiscal sanity

NorGal / Shutterstock.com

Molly Michelmore on how the parties might need to change their approaches to fix current fiscal issues

March 30, 2016 Molly Michelmore

Redefining national security

A7880S / Shutterstock.com

Mark R. Wilson argues that the next president should rethink the budget for national security

March 23, 2016 Mark R. Wilson

Repeating LBJ’s mistakes in 2016

Lyndon Johnson Library

Lyndon Johnson made a political choice on health care that Democratic presidential candidates shouldn't repeat

March 22, 2016 Tony Lucadamo and Guian McKee

The Power of Letting (Banks) Go

Lefteris Papaulakis / Shutterstock.com

Judge Glock argues the next president should bind himself Odysseus-like, against the siren song of bank bailouts

March 17, 2016 Judge Glock

Taxes on the rich may change a lot in 2017

Nejron Photo / Shutterstock.com

William Gale and Aaron Krupkin write about the next president's tax plans

March 16, 2016 William Gale and Aaron Krupkin

What kind of society?

Noel Moore / Shutterstock.com

Kimberly Phillips-Fein writes about fiscal policy as a reflection of our social priorities

March 09, 2016 Kim Phillips-Fein

Join us for March 4th event with the Batten School

Please come to a special event on fiscal and financial issues facing the next president

March 01, 2016 Tony Lucadamo

The critical first budget: Essays

Grab hold of the levers

Robert F. Bruner

End magical fiscal thinking

Jared Bernstein

The wisdom of a carbon tax

William Gale

Tough choices

Maya MacGuineas

Prescription for success

Guian McKee

Bend the health care cost curve

Raymond C. Scheppach